LEAD Task Forces

Current Task Forces


Entrepreneurship Task force

Leadership: Jacob Cordova

Description: The Entrepreneurship Task Force (ETF) is responsible for enhancing the experience of student entrepreneurs by creating distinct opportunities across a spectrum of entrepreneurial activities. Members of the ETF evaluate existing and potential pathways for students and lead initiatives to improve the culture and resources for students who may benefit from studying entrepreneurship. One example of such an initiative is the Genesis Program, a platform founded in the spring of 2016 to provide Texas Engineering students with an experience modeled after common Venture Capital activities, including mentorship and early-stage funding.

For more information about the Genesis Program please visit: http://genesisprogram.org/

LEAD the Way Task Force

Leadership: Matt Garza and Andrew Limmer

Description: The LEAD The Way Task Force provides current UT Engineering students an in-industry mentor. These mentors can provide professional guidance, career advice, and perspective on their own journey from student to working professional.

Philanthropy Task Force

Leadership: Jarrod Sparks

Description: The Philanthropy Task Force is responsible for identifying philanthropic opportunities for LEAD.

Student Organization Task Force

Leadership: Rebekah (Sosland) Siegfriedt

Description: The Student Organization Task Force partners with student leaders to identify and execute on opportunities to improve the student experience.


Past Task Forces


International Students Task Force

Leadership: Yan Dong

Description: The International Students Task Force is responsible for enhancing the student experience for international students. Led by Yan Dong, this task force investigates the challenges faced by international students and advises on opportunities to improve the experience.