LEAD Committees

External Relations

Committee Chair: Dan Richards

Committee Description: The External Relations Committee is responsible for engaging recent graduates outside of Austin with targeted content and events, as well as empowering delegates to further the LEAD mission. Committee members contribute by promoting LEAD and our partners, developing our partnerships, addressing the communications requirements of LEAD initiatives, and developing communication pathways between LEAD and our target audience.


Committee Chair: Emily Chen

Committee Description: The Membership Committee is dedicated to recruiting and retaining talented alumni to represent LEAD. The Committee is responsible for coordinating and executing the recruitment and selection process for new LEAD delegates. The Membership Committee establishes and executes the nomination and recruitment process. The Committee also works with the Development Team at the Cockrell School of Engineering to recruit new members. The Membership Committee assists delegates in satisfying their membership requirements and proposes to the Executive Board membership status adjustments such as: invitations for additional terms, selection to Emeritus Member, etc..

Nominations are always welcome. Help us to grow the team: http://goo.gl/forms/7nTR0g6mu9

Awards and Honors

Committee Chair: Vivek Sakhrani

Committee Description: The Awards and Honors Committee identifies recent graduates in industry and academia who have demonstrated a commitment to serving the highest ideals of the Texas Engineering community. Recipients have demonstrated noble achievement and charitable giving.